Ok! I’m in! When will I receive my yarn?

All our yarn clubs have specific posting dates.  So, depending upon where you live, you should receive your yarn package within a few days of the posting date.  You will find a list of the posting dates for each club in the club details for that specific club. For more information, please see our shipping policy page.

I am in love with my latest club yarn. Can I order more of the same colour way?

Sadly, we cannot guarantee any additional skeins of yarn. This is because all our yarns are custom dyed in small batches by independent dyers, which ensures exclusivity of the club and the colourways.  If you require more of the same yarn, we can ask the relevant dyer if they are able to dye up a new batch.  Please note, however, that as all our dyers are independent, it will be up to the individual dyer as to whether or not they dye a further batch.  All colourways are exclusive to TGS for a period and so it may not be cost effective for the dyer to dye small numbers.  Also, if they do agree to dye a small number, the price per skein  is likely to be higher than that paid for the original skein.

If you would like 1 to 9 skeins

We cannot ask our dyers to dye up very small numbers of skeins, but, if there are enough people wanting more, we can ask our dyer to dye up another batch.  Initially, we recommend that you look at The Golden Skein Group on Ravelry to see if any of your fellow Club Members is wishing to swap, or sell the yarn you would like.  If  everyone loves the yarn as much as you do, please contact us with details of the yarn, colourway and number or skeins required, so that we may make a list of Club Members who may want further skeins.

If you would like 10 or more skeins

We will be happy to approach the dyer for requests of 10 skeins or more.  Please contact us with details of the yarn, colourway and number or skeins required. The price per skein will vary depending on the dyer, yarn and number ordered and may be greater than the price of the original skein.

Can colourways be repeated?

Please note  that, as all our dyers are independent, it will be up to the individual dyer as to whether or not they dye up a further batch.  All colourways are exclusive to TGS for a period and so it may not be cost effective for the dyer to dye small numbers.

Legal bits:

All additional skeins must be paid for in full before TGS instruct the dyer and no returns will be accepted except in accordance with your statutory rights.

Any person requesting large numbers of yarn will be asked to sign an agreement confirming that they will not be selling the yarn to other parties, before the yarn is dispatched.


I want to gift a club subscription to someone. Is this possible?

Ooh you generous soul! What a great gift! A club subscription is the sort of gift we would love to receive ourselves, so of course we are happy to offer this as an option for our customers.  Just contact us to let us know after you check out, and we will do the rest!

I really want to join, but there are no spaces left! What do I do?

We would really love for everyone who wants to become a subscriber to a club to be able to. Our artisan dyers produce exclusive, small dye lots for our limited edition clubs, which means that there are only so many spaces to go around.

We understand this will be disappointing for you, and as such we operate a waiting list system for the clubs. If you opt to join the waiting list, you will be given first refusal of any spaces that come up.

Waiting List Rules

Spaces will be offered to waiting list members in order.

If you decide to take the space in the club that is offered, and this is the only club you wish to join, we can take you off the list and welcome you into our happy band of subscribers!

If you want to wait for a different club, you can pass and retain your position on the list.

If you still wish to remain on the list for another club as well as the one you have just joined, you will go to the bottom of the list, to give the other members a chance to get into a club.

If there are no waiting list members when a club subscription space becomes available, we will offer it for general sale to non list members.

We think this is the fairest way for everyone to get a chance to be involved.

If I join a club, do I have to sign up for a whole year?

No.  All our clubs have installments once per quarter and the option to sign up for 1, 2, 3 or 4 installments.

Please bear in mind that, because our dyers are small and independent, membership of each club is limited.  This means that if you sign up for one quarter (installment), we cannot guarantee that you will get a place the following quarter if you decide you’d like to continue.

What if I don't like the yarn I receive?

We test every base for quality before we commission the dyers. However, in a larger batch order, problems could occasionally be missed. If the yarn has been received damaged or is substandard then you may return it to us for a refund.  Please see our returns policy.

You should have a strong indication of colours for your yarns from the inspiration pictures. We very much hope that all skeins will be much loved by all club members, but we anticipate that not every member will love every yarn they receive because, quite luckily (we think) not everyone has the exact same tastes.  We all have favourite colours and colours that we just don’t like – eugh!  If one of your skeins is just not to your taste, it is very likely that it may be to the taste of another club member.  We host a swaps thread in our Ravelry group so that club members can exchange skeins between them, so that everyone gets the skeins they love. This is also a good way to get an extra skein for a larger project!


I am a dyer. How do I find out about working with TGS?

Ooh thank you for your interest.  We love to hear from independent dyers who are interested in providing yarn for our clubs. We give our dyers a lot of autonomy to do what they do best, but ask that they share their inspiration process with club members, and help us with promotion of our clubs and their yarns.  Please drop us a line telling us about yourself and your yarns at info@thegoldenskein.com and we’ll take it from there.


I don't live in the UK. Can I still take part in your clubs?

Yes. There is no geographical restriction to participating in our clubs. We ship worldwide. For more information, see our Shipping Policy.